The Amazing Benefits of Cool Pavements

Driving in a dark pavement is uncomfortable. It gets too hot under the sun because it absorbs 90% of the sunlight. When you have a road trip in hot summer day, the air is too hot to handle because the dark pavement which aggravate the urban heat island. Fortunately, cool pavements are invented to reflect the sunlight. If you hire South Florida pavers, you can always opt for a cool pavement.  

Cool Pavements

Cool pavements are made from cement concrete, which is a traditional material for paving. The new cement concrete has a solar reflectance of 50%, and the coating for asphalt concrete has reflectance of about 50% too. The solar reflectance of cement and asphalt pavements can change overtime. The asphalt pavement will lighten as it ages but the cement concrete gets darker with grease stains and tire.  

The following are the amazing benefits of cool pavements.  

Energy Savings and Emission Reductions 

Installing cool pavement will lower the air temperature outside. It doesn’t only benefit the drivers and commuters who have been suffering from too much heat; it also helps the building owner to cool their place without using too much energy. The cool pavements also save the energy used by the electric street lighting.  

Improved Health and Comfort 

Dark pavements make the heat situation worse, so a cool pavement is a relief when it comes to comfort. Such pavements cool the air temperature of the city, which reduces the illness we get because of heat. It also helps when it comes to slowing down the formation of smog, so people would be more comfortable going outside. When you’re out there driving in a hot summer day, you won’t experience that much heat.  

Increased Driver Safety 

Cool pavements doesn’t only increase your comfort, it also improves the safety of the driver. Pavements which are light-colored are better than the dark ones because it reflects street light and headlights especially during at night. The visibility is increased, so you’re safer when driving out there.  

Improved Air Quality 

The city life is busy. With all the buildings, restaurants and industrial companies, you can only imagine the condition of the air you breathe. Installing cool pavements in the community will decrease the air temperature in urban areas. It can slow down the atmospheric chemical reactions that create the smog.  

Reduced Street Lighting Cost 

Cool pavements don’t only reduce the hot air temperature; it also increases the solar reflectance of the roads. This way, the street lighting uses less electricity especially at night because it can reflect light well.  

Slowed Climate Change 

Like we mentioned, cool pavements have the ability to decrease the heat absorbed at the surface of the Earth. It lowers the temperature of the Earth’s surface, thus the surface temperature is also lowered. The decrease in such temperature has an effect on the climate change, which slows it down. The cool pavement also cools the storm water, which leads to lessen damage to local watersheds.

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